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We've certainly been treated to some glorious football jerseys down the years and some not so brilliant ones. A great jersey can make or break a season and even cement a teams spot in the history books and the memories of fans for ever! This is my TOP 10 jerseys of all time!

1️⃣0️⃣ NIGERIA 2018

Nigeria released their 'Naija' home shirt for the 2018 World Cup. It sold out within minutes of it's realease on Nike's website. The design is certainly wild and bizarre but it will live long in our memories!

9️⃣CLUB AMERICA 1994/96

It's certainly one of the more riskier designs that have been realesed but Club America made it work. The colours and the patterns around the chest area are simply amazing! And what better way to round of a historic shirt than with a Coca-Cola sponsor?

8️⃣ WEST GERMANY 1988/91

The West Germans rocked up to the 1990 World Cup with style. Adidas did a great job of displaying the countries colours with a design oozing class and perfection! The Germans defeated Argetina 1-0 in the final to become world champions...and they did it in style!


This is definitely not the most exotic design but it's one of those shirts that will forever go down in history due to the teams performance. Liverpool won their 14th league title and league cup for a 3rd consecutive season whilst boasting this stunning shirt. The legendary Bob Paisley also retired at the end of the season.


Arguably the most iconic United shirt ever made. The team completed the treble that season wining the League, FA Cup and the Champions League. The Umbro logo down the sleeves along with Alex Ferguson receiving his knighthood for the teams accomplishments has booked this shirts spot at number 6!

5️⃣ENGLAND 1990

The best ever Enland shirt? Arguably yes! England finished 4th in the World Cup that year as they suffered heart-break agaist the Germans in the semis. It was a very brave move to release this shirt for the World Cup but once again it's simply outstanding! It's a very sought after shirt and you would be lucky to get your hands on a original one.

4️⃣ARSENAL 1991/93

Whether you like the design or not there is certainly no arguing that this is one of the most historic shirts of all time. The 'Bruised Banana' shirt will live long in the memories of football fans. Ian Wright ran riot in this shirt in his debut season for the Gunners!

3️⃣MEXICO 1998

The Mexicans knew that they needed to show up to the 1998 World Cup in style, and they did just that! The Aztec design combined with Luis Hernandes having a memorable World Cup has seen the Mexicans clinch the 3rd spot on the podium.


It's not possible to have a football jersey tier list without Dortmund featuring! The Germans boast a wonderful collection of iconic shirts but this is certainly the most famous one of them all. They won the Bundesliga and came second in the European Cup in a memorable season for the club. They certainly did so in style!


Was there ever any doubt about the winner? Holland won their first and only major international trophy whilst wearing the most iconic football jersey of all time! Marco van Basten had the world going wild with one of the greatest goals ever scored! A goal and a shirt fit to win any competition!

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Leave your thoughts and your top 10 in the comment section below! Comment any ideas for blog posts you would like to see.

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